Committees and Subcommittes

NAMA has six standing committees and one ad hoc committee. These committees support the work of NAMA as a whole in coordination with the NAMA Board of Directors (BOD) and the NAMA staff. Our committees are comprised of various active NAMA members with wide experience and diverse training. The committees are structured to have a NAMA Board member or the Executive Director of the chair position and volunteers as members. Committees may also form “sub-committees” to perform specialized tasks for the committee.

The Board of Directors sets all committee tasks. Committees submit their finalized tasks as motions to the BOD at which time the BOD will either pass the motion as submitted by the committee or will send it back to committee for further refinement. Once a motion is passed it will become either a formal policy or a modification to a current policy and recorded in the BOD records.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee supports with ideas and strategies to help maintain NAMA memberships. Members who serve on this committee and related work groups and subcommittees must follow NAMA policies and procedures in pursuit of completing their assigned functions.  Membership Committee Files  →

Conference Committee

The Conference Committee is composed of NAMA Board members and staff and serves to set the theme for the conference; the location of the conference; the format of the conference and reviews the presenter submissions. The full NAMA board approves them and the keynote speakers.  Conference Committee Files  →

Ethics Committee: (may 1 - october 31, 2019)

The Ethics Committee is composed of NAMA board members and a lay person and reviews all our “Conflict of Interest” documents submitted by staff, BOD, and volunteers. They are also responsible for reviewing complaints or breach of ethics of NAMA professional members. Ethics Committee Files  →

Legal Committee

The Legal Committee was recently reinstated to address issues that may legally impact the Ayurvedic profession. The newly formed committee's first meeting was August 31, 2015. This committee's focus is on advocacy and lobbing, legal practices, product issues, state association relationships and liability insurance. Legal Committee Files  →

Standards Committee

The focus of this committee is to develop competencies for the practice of Ayurveda in the United States based on traditional standards formulated in India and throughout the world. These include setting  Ayurvedic Health Counselor, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Ayurvedic Doctor, Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist and Panchakarma technician standards and exams as well as grandfathering procedures. Standards Committee Files  →

National Exams Subcommittee

Ayurvedic yoga Therapist Subcommittee

Panchakarma Technician Subcommittee


The Strategic Planning and Finance Committee works together to ensure the financial stability of the organization, as well as looks at strategies to grow and expand as a whole. We focus on key corporate areas which include conference growth, membership growth, fundraising campaigns and credentialing plans. Strategic Planning and Finance Committee Files  →

Board of Directors Election Committee

NAMA welcomes potential candidates who have a desire to run for NAMA’s Board of Directors. As our association continues to grow and expand, we seek members who are skilled in areas such as financial management, project development, legal and political action, and technology. To be eligible as a board candidate, you must have been a NAMA member for at least one year at the time of submitting your candidacy and be a resident of the United States of America.  Elections Committee Files  →

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