Each application process is slightly different from the next. First, review the membership categories and select which one is right for you. When you click on the orange tab for the membership category you wish to apply for, you will be directed to an application providing you with detailed instructions on the application process.


Professional Membership is open to Ayurvedic professionals who meet NAMA’s established qualifying criteria. All candidates must have passed the NAMACB exam or beta test associated with the level they are applying for. In addition, every two years as a Professional Member you are required to take an ethics exam and submit continuing education credits to maintain membership.

Organizational, General & Student Memberships

If you are a organization, student of Ayurveda or a general supporter of Ayurveda you can become a member. These memberships are for those who support the mission, purpose, and goals of NAMA and wish to provide funding to NAMA to promote that mission.