Professional Resources

As a NAMA member, we provide you will tools and tips to support you succeed in the profession. Below is a selection of documents and articles relevant to the profession and NAMA membership.


Code of Ethics

Please read the code of ethics each year to stay connected with the ethical practices of Ayurveda in the United States. We have provided you the full PDF of this document here so you can easily refer to it when in doubt. Download Code of Ethic Document → |Take the 2016-2017 Ethics Quiz → |Take the 2018-2019 Ethics Quiz →




NAMA Scope of Practice

We create this packet so you can provide your client with the fundamental healthy living information Ayurveda gives. It is beautifully designed and is an excellent tool for professionalism. Download Document →


Patient Encounter Definitions

Definition of Client/Patient Encounter (PE): A client/patient encounter is defined as a combination of the following: Download Document →

Nama Professional Logos

NAMA has professional logos for all membership categories. Demonstrate your professionalism. Use the logo on your website, your letterhead, and on your email signature line. “ Email us at and we will send you one. Logos are available for: Professional Members, General Members, Student Members, Organizational Members, Recognized Programs for AHC, AP, and AD educational programs and PACE Listings.



Make the most of your NAMa profile

We have taken the time to compile a list of business development resources for you to refer to when needed. These tools include design services, printing services, website hosting services and more. Please note we are not in affiliation with these companies, we have merely found them to be valuable resources that we wanted to share with our community. Visit Page →